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Teru Wong (kk23wong)
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10 November 2009
1. Life must not come from outer space. Most scientists prefer science fictions instead of a logical way of thinking & reasoning. Technology is not always the solution. Their opinions often become obstacles of environmental protection. Their foolishness makes themselves in history. Thus, they are murdering 50-billion people by their imaginations.
2. Logically, a living thing give birth to another. The first cell on the Earth cannot make the Earth a suitable environment for living organisms (i.e. a bleeding ground). I hope it is more easy for you to understand.
3. Willingless depends on her own will. Free Will comes from birth. Willingless to give birth. It can be compulsory when you were born. Birth control is a measure according to the wills of both the God and animals (including human beings).
A way nobody ever think of - a discovery
History tells you the past.
It may never show.
Future of men. Your children.
If you care, spread it out.
Ask any professional.
A way of secrets - scientists
Science can do.
It is logical.

With regards to your questions

1. An outer space has lives. They are incapable of making a journey to the Earth. Look at the planets nearby

2. Then where do you live

3. Religions give you a hint

Stay back to my argrument points

1. No living tissues can be created without any living tissue

2. Living tissues on the Earth does not come from outer space

3. Even it initalized by a cell (that arrived) on the Earth. It cannot explain why the Earth provide a suitable environment for the presence of lives

4. Orbits & distances from sun cannot fully explain the presence of lives (without any living thing in the planets nearby). Thus, "lives in different levels" is the only scientific hypothesis that can illustrate the whole system of our universe (cell divisions, a process of growth at the same time)

WHAT A SAME?! Scientists should be capable of finding out the truth as soon as they have the first picture of the Earth taken from the outer space

"Why 50-billion people? Wrong."
Population growth + Generations in future

Guangdong Province Asked for Water from the Sky
114 rockets have been fired up to the sky to increase the rainfall in order to relieve the droughts

Time: 2009-11-11 18:14: 39 Origins: Guangdong Province Meteorology Bureau

On November 9 (08:00) to November 11 (16:00), meteorological departments in our province such as Shao-guan, Qing-yuan, He-yun, Mei-zhou, Zhao-qing, Shan-tou, Jie-yang has implemented a large scale artificial rain work. They fired altogether 114 rockets. We have relieved the local drought situation effectively

. . . . . . each region has light rain, partial moderate rain, accumulative average rainfall - Shao-guan 25.26 millimetres, Qing-yuan 26.38 millimetres, He-yun 11.53 millimetres, Mei-zhou 5.9 millimetres, Shantou 2.07 millimetres, Chao-zhou 4.53 millimetres, Jie-yang 6.63 millimetres, Zhao-qing 7.11 millimetres.

Only Chinese version, available at:

Hong Kong has regional rains today (12 Nov 2009) – approximately 2 millimeters at maximum (because of a cold front across the boundary). It may mislead the public (even with such a little amount of rainfall). Journalists often fail to pay attentions to the details of environmental problems.

We used 114 rockets to create a TEMPERARY relief to the droughts. Can we go through all hardships by technology? Environmental problem is very serious. I am talking about something really matter. We will never have future if the Earth has come to an end. As I mentioned above, the Earth is a biological entity. It is a logical direction of science. “Lives in different levels” is a scientific hypothesis that can fully explain the system of our universe.

By comparing a manmade life cycles (2,000 years at maximum) to the natural life cycle of the Earth (billions of years), we have already destroyed our future. Technology is giving us a relief only. With the hope of survivals, we should try to recover the eco-system until technological breakthroughs can replace it by a manmade one. It is very urgent.