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24 November 2009
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Thanks God - Disclosing The "truth"

The only critical point of this article is that -- the data of climate changes is no longer useful since you can simply feel them. They are not necessarily edviences for Global Warming. Extreme variations in temperature can easily be found in history. The keys are over-consumption and over-population. Regeneration of the Earth is not infinite

New scientific edviences reveal that "The Earth is a biological entity" is a new direction of science. For instance, NASA has found water on moon in Lcross Mission. Scientists (i.e. Wei Luo, Northern Illinois University) believe that oceans once existed on the Mars

"But equally the emails reveal researchers adamantly opposed to releasing hard-earned data to critics, to avert what they see as time-consuming harassment." Monopoly of knowledge no longer exists. Rise in literacy rate and free access to information -- technological advancement (Web 2.0) -- have contributed to the world revolution of knowledge

Reform in the global economic patterns is a matter of urgent. Birth control is also welcomed

Thanks GOD.
Truth is always one.

RE: (Laughingboy)
25 Nov 2009 GMT-21:53

1. Water on Moon in Lcross Missio
2. Ocean in Mars is possible in "new maps

Rigidity in science takes time.