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19 September 2009
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Soundness: If black can be white, it is only a cheese.

#1. No living things can be created without any living tissue - T/F?
#2. No living tissues arrived from the outter space - T/F?
#3. The Earth has living things inside - T/F?

As a result, the Earth is a living thing. (#3 can be used as a cross-reference)

With reference to the wooden broad above:

A false (#4-6) by common agreement / general understanding must be true because of the conclusion (#10) the Earth is a living thing.

Therefore, soundness of the statements is a fatal blow to Logic.
If a "false" statement can be sound, it cannot be applied to new discoveries.

A man is preparing lunch for your grandchildren (if any).

The Earth is a biological entity.
Rapid expansion of our civilizations without realizing the fact is fatal.
Gobal warming and (esp.) desertification are threatening our future generation.

A logical proof (most people regard Logic as a subject, but it is actually not the case) is not only a direction for science. It can provide a solid ground ready for changes in our world.

Therefore, recognizing the truth that the Earth is a biological entity is the first step.