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19 September 2009
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Inside the Earth, not the crust. Biosphere inside the Earth (hydrosphere & atmosphere).
Living tissues. You break a CELL down and ask if it is still alive. Off-topicz.

You have living tissues in the beginning by birth.

A cell can be cone.
A cell cannot be created without another.
A simple cause-and-effect.

Scientists don't have a clue - an egg cannot be the beginner.
The Earth is not an egg.
A layered structure similar to a cell.

A what-if in philosophy.
Consciousness in dictionary - awareness

Fragments in sentences. Break them down without reasoning.
Living tissue is a cell. A cell is living.
A cell is dead. No longer alive

A cell can be clone. A cell cannot be created.
The only logical explanation is that the Earth is a biological entity as a whole.
Logical, simple direction of science

Nobody think of it.
Scientists only know how to ask why.
They yell and ask what? Why the Earth is not a rock?