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11 October 2009
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Quote from the news, "We wont miss any opportunity of artificial precipitation since Beijing is suffering from the lingering drought," the report quoted Zhang Qiang, head of the Beijing Weather Modification Office, as saying. Chinese meteorologists have for years sought to make rain by injecting special chemicals into clouds."

They wait for too long for rainning.

- Although Hong Kong recieves a stable water supply from the mainland China, the rises in temperature will definitely have impacts on it -

Urban planning without greenery.
Rigid technology resulted in inconvenience for recycling.
Only the WORST system needs frequent maintenance.

Light is on, inside the floor-to-glass walls.
Air-conditioning inside a mall with only yourself.
Food on a plate, thrown away daily after operations.

The Earth is a biological entity is not only a logical direction of science.
It saves our future generations.
Truth is something you can see.

(Old) Scientists, look at the sky.
Your dreams may destroy your grandchildren.
Time to be waken up.

For what, we studied? You all know it well.

By the way, Yahoo! Philippines News is a VISIBLE website.