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Israel Sadovik (Socratus)
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30 October 2009

If definitions of a God vary from one to another, the God in various religions.
If you can define a God, the God belongs to yourself.
If science tells you a supreme subject as a God, the God in reality.

Space is not a vaccum. A vaccum in jar, man-made.
An universe with a designer,
Designer can be a job. We make the (neon-) God by designs.

A joker tells joke. A liar tells lies. Admirers are both.
Both makes us sick. The God has heard enough.
Advices are valuable. Thus, philosophy becomes real.

Advisers can be anyone.
Speak out. God knows.

Nature of the God. He/She/It cannot be otherwises.
Indivisibility with everyone of us.
You know the God in reality.

Science can do, of course.
Philosophers are not jokers.
Thanks God. Not admire, but advices.