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30 October 2009
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Toturing ones' own bodies for slavations is an action out of extremes.

Evil is a contrary. A name declared on the enermies.
Evil is a rival. An evil is an enermy of ourselves.
Evil is a war. A conflict in heart.

You know the world exist.
Your minds cannot blind your existences.
Your intention to hide yourself is an escape.

Buddhism is a mental-state.
We live in reality. Mentally free.
Mentally dead. Physically exists. It depends.

Enlightenment can be an attempt to encounter a harsh situation that already come into reality.
It can be a leap forward.
Hardships in history turned out to be revolutions.
It can be reform to the world (the God).

An evil will demonish the world.
A merit can save us from extinction.

Temperature varies all the time.
Deserts cannot be recovered.

When one rises, there must be opponents.
You told others Global Warming.
They replied you with COOLING?!

Utopia is a dream.
To save a living thing from dying quickly is not.