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30 October 2009
Group Behaviors are the dominant forces:
1. Over-population is an overwhelming issue.
2. Uneven-distribution of resources around the world.
3. Emission of GWH gases increased the overall temperature.
(Ozone may not be recovered. It seems more likely to be a mechanism for protection of animals - offspring of the Earth. Ones must realize that the natural mechanism is not man-made. Its existence must have own purposes. A mixture of gases created the Ozone layer. In which, its purposes may be similar to the planetary forces. A natural mechanism is not out of a sudden. The cause must be a biological entity. Indeed, it is also a logical way of thinking for other scientists.)

Our ecosystem has been replaced by the one man-made.
We have no ways to turn the clock back.
The Earth sustains (or survives) for billions of years because of a perfect natural mechanism (or life cycle) created by a food chain. Our illustrations of the layered structure of the Earth in the past are absolutely nonsense. Biosphere is the only decisive element. It decides the planet is still alive or not. Similar to a cell, nucleus is responsible for commands. The Earth is indivisible from every living organism inside - it is a logical direction of science (see my logical proofs) - Layers are protection and multi-functional. Gravity to hold the cell. Planetary forces are not come out all of a sudden without specific purposes. Cell divisions of a mother cell are also a process of growth. The key of the whole mechanism laid on the BIOSPHERE. Physcial remains misled astronomy. Time is incredible long while we are only a part of the life cycle. We are too arrogant when we are looking at stars without dust. Space is not vaccum. Time to be waken up.

The remains of animals and plants return nutrients to the soils.
Natural vegetation provides food & home to animals.
Humankind is out-numbered.

Over-consumption is a cause for the collapse of our eco-system.
I think a large-scale reform is an emergency.

Self-destructive Behaviors:
1. Producing massive number of consumer goods (with limited usage).
2. Opening (or replacing) shops (for lease) with NEW decorations.
3. Switching on light in MODERN commercial buildings, shopping malls & bus-es (stations) in daylight. Demand for Electricity Rises> Power Stations Produce More Heat & GWH Gases
4. Buying dozens of clothes & shoes (ladies may have forget they only have a pair of legs)
5. Most of the resources are not being recycled.
6. Frequent maintenance has revealed the poor urban planning.

Truth is something you can see. A man-made system (approx. 4,000 years) has destroyed the original one. However, we failed to establish a perfect one to replace it. Loss of water and nutrients of the soils will be resulted in the shortages of water & food supply.

Our storage of food has limits (of both time & volume).

Current system of our civilization is perfect for a consumer-based economy. It is not the case for scientists. We need to have a perfect cycle to maintain the water & food supply. The emergency plans (I assume that almost every country has one) will not be effective since the eco-system is not being divided by political boundaries.