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28 August 2009
Qualification is not a MUST. ONLY if you have the truth.
If not, your walls are too high for academic freedom.
Biosphere is the key of the eco-system. Planets are conscious living objects. Lives are in different levels.

Reproduction carried out inside a planet. Evolution of microorganism by both the animals (offspring/ “animals” in biology) and the God (a Conscious Earth) is the key to complete the theory of “evolution”. (1) Plants are living tissues without consciousness (a brain-like structure that allows them to generate minds and reactions). They are equivalent to our body organs. (2) Microorganisms are equivalent to our body cells. (3) Reproduction of the planet to produce offspring (animals) . Some of the microorganisms evolved into more complex form of lives (with brain-like structure to generate minds/thoughts/reactions). In the meantime, it is also a part of the life cycles of a planet.
Definitions of living things depends on the consciousness. The cause-and-effect relationship in-between the presence of microorganisms and the suitable environment for the presence of lives MUST NOT be reversed. Otherwise, what make the Earth a suitable place for habitants? (1) the general belief of the orbits and distances from the sun as a decisive factor for the presence of lives have not been proven. (2) such a belief cannot fully satisfied the necessary conditions for the occurrence of lives.
On the contrary, “lives in different levels” can fully explain such a phenomenon. Planets are lives in a higher form from biological prospective. The evolution by both the Earth and her reproduction (offspring) created a more complex form of lives nowadays. Distances in-between each planet (that still alive) are the natural mechanisms to avoid competitions in a solar system (since lives are self-oriented). The natural mechanism to avoid competitions from each planet (a Conscious Earth/ a higher form of living things) is one of the proofs for the presence of lives in our universe.
The only principle of our universe is LIVE. Lives are lives in different levels. Ecology is the study of the planet (conscious subject/ a living thing in a higher form). Extinctions are the end of a planet (death). Lives are inside her “life cycles”. We are alive, so is she. We cannot transplant microorganisms from a planet to another. (They will die eventually.) The Earth is the only resort we have today as well as our future generations. Ecologists may be our only hope to SLOWDOWN the natural process of aging of a planet. We are now studying the human impact on ecology. Our civilization affects greatly on the Earth since we are a part of her “life cycles”. Exploitations by humankind reduced the “life span” of a planet. The regeneration of a planet is NOT infinite. The planets nearby (definitions/classifications of “planets” varied because of the rigidity of our technology) are the control experiment.

The neglect of BIOSPHERE (the massive death of microorganisms MAY BE one of the causes for the increase in carbon dioxide and the increase in temperature – Global Warming). The study of the Earth must be built on a solid ground. “Planets are living things” is the only hypothesis which satisfy all the criteria/situation of our universe. – Since distances in-between the planets are included in the non-competition mechanism among planets that still alive, the hypothesis is not “The Earth is a conscious living object”. It is a part of my hypothesis to illustrate the whole system of our universe. This hypothesis covers science, religions and philosophy. Indeed, it is very close to the origin of our universe. The truth cannot be bounded by academic subjects.
Ecologist/environment fighters have to pay attention to this. Due to our rigidity of our science, it takes time to finish the proof. However, it may be too late for us to slowdown the life cycle (aging) of the Earth. Aging of a planet can only be slowdown. Life cycles cannot be recover since regeneration of the Earth is not infinite. Although it takes time to cause its death (total extinctions like the Mars does), things are encouraged to be done from now on. Ecologists should look upon the Earth as a living entity. It may gives a new direction to all academic subject including ecology.
- In depth, I wonder if the truth is useful for all of us or not -
Thank you for your attention.