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5 October 2009
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Rasheed Babatunde,

The God is neither a tree nor a rope.
The God will never tie you up to the churches.
The God is rearing us until our death.

Most religions teach us about "merits" and "bright (good) side" of human.
It is quite diffcult to define religious sects.
However, Buddhism is a mental state.
They are searching for a statue in their minds (thinking). (Kan - çİş in chinese)
You have to refer to related documents for details.

However, the nature of the God (a higher form of lives/ a Conscious Earth) that put forward by me is the only explanation to the rise of Buddhism.

It is a mental state.

The God is everywhere because you are inside. We have her images on us because we are inside her "LIFE CYCLES".
One thing I agree with you is that the GOD (a higher form of lives/ a Conscious Earth) is "one".

The physical existence of the God cannot be denied.
We admire her words, but we denied her physical(natural) existence. We are killing her (as well as all of us) by our imagination.

DO NOT ingore me because philosophy is neither an OLD school thinking nor a high sounding nothing. By accepting me, philosophy will enter a new era.

Enlightenment, I suppose.