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Benjamin Brown
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17 October 2009
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A Test Lanuch. What for?

A NEW suggestion to SPEED OF LIGHT:

[(D=S) & (M=N<L)]

1. D=Directions
2. S=Sphere (3D-imensional)
3. M=Media
4. Let N be "any"
5. L stands for Light

If D=S & M=N<L, speed faster than light can be achieved.
Natural rules cannot be ruined (law of physics cannot be violated).

1. Shuttle has a mass greater than the light. Space migration is IMPOSSIBLE. NASA is heading a wrong direction.

2. Arrogance of scientists. Monopolies by scientific terms. Using your minds (without LOGIC which eliminated all variations) to solve the problems.

3. People are dying on the Earth during your space journey.

(REALITY is hard. Accept it by rationality.)
Otherwises, what is the purpose of a national research institution?
Knowledge (science) cannot be defeated.
(Imagination causes death. The End may never be an end.)