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18 September 2009

You're pointless.

Your mouse have to go into the house, unless it was born inside.

The Earth has a mouse. The mouse does not come from space.
The Earth has a mouse because it was born inside.

All living thing need living tissue to start with.
Living tissue does not come from the outer space.
In another word, its origin is inside the Earth.

A recent theory? Any approval by the public?
"The hydrogen gas emitted by alkaline black smokers would react with CO2 to make organic compounds." - Any vaild experimental result? Can they create a living compound by the method suggested by them? If not, let it goes. If they have it, make it public.

A fact does not affraid of being challenged.

Please read these lines below.

"No living tissues on the Earth come from space up to now."
"Living organisms on the Earth evolved and diversified in a certain period of time."
"Living organisms (animals / human beings) on the Earth (a planet) want to migrant to other planets."


The scientists of the living organisms (human beings) on the Earth doesn't make sense anyway.
We have an Earth as a non-living object which create lives.
As all of us know, all living things need living tissues to start with.
A non-living object cannot CREATE any living tissue.

The origin is exactly the Earth.
The "Living Earth" is the only logical explanation to the system of our universe.

Organic molecules in chemistry cannot make a number of organic molecules become a living thing.
Isn't it?

You said, "Life is chemistry based on organic molecules."
Life in reality base on "living". "Living" based on active organic molecules.
Can chemistry make organic molecules become active?

1. Living things cannot be created without any living tissue.
2. Living things on the Earth has a living tissue to start with.
3. Living tissues from the outer space cannot reach the Earth.

As a result, living tissues of the Earth must come from the Earth.

The only logical explantion for the origin of lives on the Earth is that the planet herself is a living thing which still alive.

See the diagram below. It illustrated the "life cycles" of the Earth.

For full size image:

For full size image:

Be scientific. A living Earth (a supreme being created without violating the natural rules) cannot be a joke of scientists. Our arrogance may kill all of us since all living things experience the natural process of aging. To be more speific, the Earth is a living thing that may come across death (a total extinction). Control experiment are the planets nearby.

A life was born. The end must be a physical death.