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18 September 2009
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Thank you very much for your reply.

I have just replaced a more clear diagram to illustrate my LOGICAL proofs.

Comparisons do not necessarily equal to the SAME.
It gives you inspiration how the entire system work only.
A nucleous can be a brain (much larger then ours). You have cellular structure on the Earth.

A logical direction for science. Logic? True- False- True? Please take a look at the diagram again.
A cheese board can be simple. Only one way to win the game.
(To win yourself by a / line. To win others by a line.)
Wisdom from the God. A teacher can be a mother-in-common.

Logic is not a game. It ends with a LINE. Time is linear.

Quotations are meaningless unless it works.

Creationists by whom, of who, and for who?
Creationists in history create our future.
Creationists that makes senses are inventors. Thomas Edison?

Evaluations on my Logical Proofs:
1. True- 2. False-3. True = True (that reflects the second statement - 2. False - is true)

Logic is a broad game that limits your ways of thinking.
That's why the truth belongs to me, not yours.

1. No living tissues ever arrived from the outer space - True/ False?
2. No living things can be created without living tissues - True/ False?
3. The Earth has living things - True/False?

With references to no. 1-3 sentences  above, the Earth is a living thing.

Scientists need a specific computer program (logic?) to understand knowledge (science)?
Be considerate with our future generations.
Take a closer look at my Logical Proofs.