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5 October 2009
(#21 - Removed by Scott Hughes)

Lives are lives in different levels.
Lives are lives in our "mother nature".
Lives are lives in our universe.

Lives inside a live.
Lives are the origin.
Lives are not eternal.

Lives are living.
Lives are interactions.
Lives are communications.

BIRTH to a live.
BIRTH to a love.
BIRTH to an universe.

A natural process of BIRTH, GROWTH and DEATH.

We are the origins of our lives.
The God is our mother-in-common.
Everything as usual.

You eat. You breathe. You sleep.

Act like a normal person.
Admire the God by her NATURE.
The nature is nothing more then CAHRITY and LOVE.

The God loves all of us.
She may have driven by her "desires".
She does not mean to hurt us.

So are we.
We are mudering the Earth.
A "LIVE" who give BIRTH to all of us.

We are a unity, a family "floating" on the universe endlessly.
We are creations by BRITH.
Love makes our civilizations flourished.

If you ask me the ORIGIN, I reply you with BIRTH.