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Jeff Foust
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16 October 2009
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2020 is a target established on the false direction of our science. Going up to the space without looking back onto the Earth. The Earth is a part of our universe. Distances have misled our scientists. Living organisms require a suitable environment to survive with. Meanwhile, they also need living tissues to start with. The Earth is definitely not a rock. It contains living tissues for evolution to occur. In another word, evolution is a process of growth of the planet itself. The suitable environment for living organisms on the Earth is a cross reference to prove that “the Earth is a living thing”.

Once, we prove the Earth is a living object. We look back onto the worsening environment of our Earth (i.e. desertification and acidifications of oceans). It may be too late. Imagination causes death. Open your eyes. Look at the satellite images of the Earth. It may not be too late to have a U-turn. Scientists will be responsible for consequences of shortening the life span of our planet.

For what we’re heading the moon, when our family is dying behind?
The world is no longer segments. We’re a unity.