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1 April 2009
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Recently, an advertisment in my town attracted my attention. They show the 3Dimensional model of the Earth covered with a large number of deserts. The link below may attract your attentions.

Take a closer look by zooming into the deserts. What does it look like?

The Earth is a living object.
The candle of lives is actually a-live.

Living Earth Theory

1. No living things can be created without any living tissue.
2. No living things can be created with non-living tissues only.
3. We can create living things with living tissues only.

4. All living things have living tissues.
5. The Earth has living tissues.
6. The Earth is a living thing.

7. No living things arrived from space up to now.
8. There are living things on the Earth.
9. All living things on the Earth come from the Earth.

10. As a result, the Earth created all of us (by birth).

Now compare it with the one of desert distribution in Britannica Online Encyclopedia below.

You will get a clue why the world leaders and specialists are fools.

You will know what it means by "principal" on the map soon.
One day you step out and you see the desert surrounding.
You may ask "Oh my god! It is far from the 'principal regions'. Am I dreaming?"

Yes, you should be. So are they.