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“[E]volution works without either plan or purpose — Evolution is random and undirected.”
(Biology, by Kenneth R. Miller & Joseph S. Levine (1st ed., Prentice Hall, 1991), pg. 658; (3rd ed., Prentice Hall, 1995), pg. 658; (4th ed., Prentice Hall, 1998), pg. 658; emphasis in original.)

Evolution is not by random. Natural selections.

“Darwin knew that accepting his theory required believing in philosophical materialism, the conviction that matter is the stuff of all existence and that all mental and spiritual phenomena are its by-products. Darwinian evolution was not only purposeless but also heartless–a process in which the rigors of nature ruthlessly eliminate the unfit. Suddenly, humanity was reduced to just one more species in a world that cared nothing for us. The great human mind was no more than a mass of evolving neurons. Worst of all, there was no divine plan to guide us.”
(Biology: Discovering Life by Joseph S. Levine & Kenneth R. Miller (1st ed., D.C. Heath and Co., 1992), pg. 152; (2nd ed.. D.C. Heath and Co., 1994), p. 161; emphases in original.)

Evolution is an incomplete theory. It does not necessarily FALSE. Evolution is a NATURAL process of GROWTH of the planet itself. Living organisms do not FLY from OUTTER SPACE.

“Adopting this view of the world means accepting not only the processes of evolution, but also the view that the living world is constantly evolving, and that evolutionary change occurs without any goals.’ The idea that evolution is not directed towards a final goal state has been more difficult for many people to accept than the process of evolution itself.”
(Life: The Science of Biology by William K. Purves, David Sadava, Gordon H. Orians, & H. Craig Keller, (6th ed., Sinauer; W.H. Freeman and Co., 2001), pg. 3.)

An ultimate “GOAL” derived from our minds (Thinking generated from our brains). A goal established by our DESIRES for a everlasting achievement by our life. As I used to say, “Our world consists of Minds (thinking), Emotion, Desires, Live & Death (natural process of life).” Desires and differences in the forms of lives created imagination. Thus, any illustration of an ultimate goal is a PERSONAL comment. In which, it cannot become an universal standard. Philosophers have to find another way out. Instead of insisting the OLD SCHOOL THINKING (mistakes in the past), why not make ourselves REAL?

“The ‘blind’ watchmaker is natural selection. Natural selection is totally blind to the future.Old School Thinking? Natural selections for adapting to natural environment INSIDE the planet. We are self-oriented because of the presence of our BRAINS. Indeed, it divided “animals” (with the presence of brains) as the REPRODUCTION(offspring of the planet) from the plants (without the presence of brains) as the organic living tissues. In the meantime, Reproduction inside a planet (a living thing) is also included in her LIFE CYCLES. Levels of lives decided the form of presences. Evolution is the process of GROWTH of the planet itself (both “plants” and “animals”).

Creation by Birth. Design because she (the God/ a Conscious Earth) is always be with us. Decisions made by BOTH. As I used to say, "Destiny from the God. Fates are in our hands."

(Most) Religions are concepts of the God (a Conscious Earth). Differences of the presences (different form of lives) create imagination. Manipulation of her gifted power from BIRTH to turn the world (the Earth) into her ideals. Religions are the heritages (as well as both the God and our ancestor). We are a family from biological prospective. In another word, it is a FACT.

The End will never be an END.