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5 October 2009

Science without mentioning the God is insane.
Science without the existence of the God is incomplete.
Science denying the existence of the God is actually ignoring the truth.

Evolution without the physical existence of the God (a Conscious Earth) is incomplete.
Look at the logical proof of the Living Earth below.

1. No living things can be created without any living tissue.
2. No living things can be created with non-living tissues only.
3. We can create living things with living tissues only.
4. All living things have living tissues.
5. The Earth has living tissues.
6. The Earth is a living thing.
7. No living things arrived from space up to now.
8. There are living things on the Earth.
9. All living things on the Earth come from the Earth.
10. As a result, the Earth created all of us (by birth).

Definition of living thing has to be rewritten.

Food chain is a natural mechanism of the life cycles of the Earth (which is similar to our bodies). Plants are organic living tissues on the Earth for providing food to rear the offspring (animals – including insects – with the presence of brains). Meat Eaters are in a much fewer number in the natural world to control the number of vegetations (offspring). This is a perfect natural mechanism which has been demolished by our technology. The regeneration of the Earth is similar to our life cycles inside our body. Life has a start. There must be an end. The Earth is a living thing in a higher level. Her (microorganism – “active” organic molecules in chemistry) body cells evolved and diversified.

“Lives in different levels” is a universal theory which can explain every phenomenon on the Earth.
A fact never affraid of being challenged.