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Benjamin Brown
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17 October 2009
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Illiness can be healed by heart. Illness may be too diffcult for us.
Illiness cannot be heal if your dreams are real.
Illiness can be on Earth. As a result, all of us.

Politicans will become popular if they love their people. Their people live on their territory.
Like Gore, the winner of Nobel prize 2007. (How about the one in 2009?)

Environmental issues should take the lead in policy-making.
Take a look at the marine conference in Madives recently.

The worsening environment of the Earth is our biggest challenge.
NASA can help to shift public attentions from the outter space back to the Earth’s surface.
We built on the Crust. We are living "inside" the Earth.

We are facing the sun with our Earth at the back.
(Space is 3Dimensional + time = 4)
From when, scientists believe there are fifth?