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Teru Wong (kk23wong)
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28 October 2009

Compare the distances in-between (a) and (b):
a. Inner Core to Lithosphere (Cell Nulceous)
b. Atmosphere (Cytoplasm)

For full size image:

1. No living things can be created without any living tissue. True or False?
2. No living tissues ever arrived from outer space. True or False?
3. The Earth has living object. Ture or False? (It is a cross-reference to the conclusion)

From the above, we have a conclusion "The Earth is a living thing".

Then, the Earth create living thing. Ture or False?

With reference to my logical proofs in the diagram, the Earth is al living thing is ture.
In a chess board with only 9-square, you will win only with 3 black.
Then, true-false-true cannot be valid.

From the above, "The Earth is a living thing" must be valid.
It's a double insurance policy. A new discovery is WrONG to the rests.
That's why it takes a bit of time.

With the hope to search for breakthroughs, ones should never use LOGIC to START thinking of a scientific hypothesis.