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15 January 2008
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We are not alone.
We will never be.
We can be one.
Religions are plural. The God is one.
Species are plural. The origin is the God.
Lives are plural. The heaven is on the Earth.
Planets are Conscious Living Objects.
Evolution by both the God (a Conscious Earth) and the animals (offspring/ reproduction of the Earth).
Microorganisms evolved into (1) Plants - living tissues of the Earth (2) Animals - offspring with brains.

Physical presence always comes first.
Lives are living in different levels. (We are different from each other, but a family floating in the universe.)
Offspring (reproduction activities) and our civilization are in the "life cycles" of the God.
It is not a new religion, but science.
"ET" or "UFO" does not exist because the natural mechanism to prevent non-competitions in-between each planet that still alive. A higher form of lives is the Earth. Human are animals (her offspring) with high intelligence (which given by the evolution from simple to more complex forms of lives).
Competitions among civilizations (intelligent life in outer space) have been solved/prevented by the natural mechanism of DISTANCES by our universes. Since lives are in different levels, the universe AY BE another form of lives (theoretically). My hypothesis "Planets are living objects" are getting close to the truth. The ORIGIN of our universe (Please be reminded that I have not update my web for a while, but all my stuffs are in a number of online forums).
"ET" or "UFO" cannot arrive due to the natural mechanisms of "distances" in-between each "alive" planet by EVOUTION of our universe. Evolution is an incomplete theory without realizing planets are higher form of lives. Animals inside her "life cycles" and our (or their) evolution is also the evolution of the Earth (or other planets). PLANETS ARE LIVES IN HIGHER FORM.
Scientists put their eyes on space because they divided the Earth into different spheres. The biosphere is actually the entire planet. The Earth is a unity and indivisible. As I mentioned above, we cannot recover the life cycles of other planets. Another way is to establish the “space stations”.
However, the minerals are obstacles. The resources must come from planets. The planets are not going to sustain our lives because the exploitations by civilizations of the planets are one of the reasons for their end of life cycles. It does not necessarily mean we cannot find minerals in other planets, but it must be a major constraint. The manmade cycles of resources inside the space station nowadays need support from the ground. The resources we brought to the space are from the Earth. Regenerations of the necessities for lives end with the life cycles of the Earth. Space stations are coffins. Microorganism cannot survive in the outer space in manmade environment through time. Transplantation of microorganism into another planet that life cycles have come to an end (in another word, they are dead) is impossible for a long period of time. Our rigidity of science and technology causes imagination. Imagination does not equal to CREATIVITY.

History will tell. Science can do. "Lives" - the only principle of our universe.