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28 August 2009
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Scientifically, our presences are in the forms of physical mobility.

“Divisible” by birth.
“Comparable” by food(-chains).
“Connectivity” by communications.
“Disturb-ability” by imaginations.
“Reorder-ability “ by unifications.
“Substitutability” by natural selections.
“Satisfy-ability “ by “Comparability”.

An absolute truth belongs to a natural rule – "LIVE"
A-live, a life, a live.

Live is the only principle of our universe.

Philosophers, can you defeat the natural rules?

YOUth, Rebellious, Rebellions. What are you waiting for? Staying behind the Walls of Universities.
Letting the time to leave you behind? Letting the scientists to step on our faces?
Only history will tell. It's a chance. DON'T LET IT GO!

Make ourselves in history.
Let the PUBLIC know what you have done.