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James Lynch (jim48)
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29 September 2009
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The presence of all lives is natural. Natural is our “mother nature”.
The nature of lives is Lives in different levels.
The God is our Mother-in-common in REALITY.
Evolution is an incomplete theory without MY hypothesis.
Evolution by BOTH the God (a Conscious Earth) and animals (her offspring).
Evolution of lives created our world nowadays.
Concepts of the God are always changing. The God is one, but religions are plural – Religions.
Evolution of both the God and us from simple to more complex forms of lives – Natural Science.
Distances in-between each alive planet to avoid COMPETITIONS (Selfish Gene). The highest form of lives is our universe – Cosmology
“Live and Death” is a natural process. “Conscious” because of the physical presence. Science can do – An answer to philosophy
“Live and Death” for all of us, when a planet has her life cycles come to an end – An extension to philosophy
Science and philosophy are old school thinking without MY hypothesis - Planets are living objects.