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9 October 2009
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“Supernatural” illustrated our imagination (It somehow becomes the source of various superstition.) to BREAK the natural rules (i.e. Birth, Growth - alive - and Death). It is an abnormal way of thinking and getting closer to FICTIONAL STORIES.

Quotations DO NOT necessarily equal to FACTUAL analysis. They are not primary sources of the FACTS.

A single line can kill a lie (even if it is a careless – conceptual – mistake). A book versus a paper? A single line can do. Papers are useless unless they contributed to our civilizations. Make them useful. Make Philosophy REAL.

“Subordinate changes” are similarities of lives (even they are in different levels). Cohesiveness of a living entity.

One again, “BIG BANG” failed. The ORIGIN of lives is a process of birth. The observation of a birth to any living object (i.e. a planet) is not the origin of our universe. Time is linear. A hypothesis of the ORIGIN by observations in a limited time of our space and we cannot turn the CLOCK back. A scientific theory must be based on natural rules since we are already inside the system when we were born. The MOST reliable source is the data we collected from the Earth instead of long distanced observation of our space. They can be a supplementary force.

A wrong direction cannot lead us all the way down to an answer. You can illustrate a number by Languages or Mathematics.
However, most of us are going too far. The TRUTH cannot be bounded by any academic subject. We divided them, but NEVER ever make the puzzles again.

Everyone can be a philosopher. Not everyone can become a thinker.
(Saints are Saints because they love you – all of us.)
Philosophy MUST be Real.