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28 September 2009
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Our World consists of (1) Minds (Thinking); (2) Emotion; (3) Desires; and (4) Live & Death

(1) Minds generated from brain. Physical existence takes the lead.
(2) Emotion because of interactions. (Imagination can be one of the causes. Love can be one of those.)
(3) Desires come from birth.
(4) "Live & Death" is just a natural process of life

Desires come from birth. Everyone does, no one else. Confession is just an attempt to admit the truth.
Fears are the same. Fears of losing power. Fears of being forgotten

Your case is more likely to be a kind of "totalitarianism". You have a goal, but you are not doing the thing right.
Your desires have driven you away from it.
Your confession is similar to the one of the God

The God is a higher level of lives in reality. The pyramid of lives cannot turn upside down.
She manipulated our world by the gifted power from birth
Her desires have driven her away from her NATURE of charity and love

Nevertheless, she is our mother-in-common

Her enforcement of her concepts of our world has made us suffered.
In an era of rationality, lives have no secrets anymore. Lives are lives in different levels.
Humankind is an intellectual specie, but we are at the same level of lives as other animals on the Earth

Awake of the God, a world revolution of knowledge is on-going.
The God is a traditional concept that must be abolished.
We are her children, not slaves

Her confession will be fulfilled by our awareness of the truth. Lives are lives in different levels.