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30 October 2009
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1. Why would we be put in hell for a life that was the blink of an eye compared to the eternity that we would spend in it. God didn't create morals since morals are just opinions that we all agree upon."

Morality is a common agreement. Your moral may makes you a respectable man. Our civilzations dressed us with clothes.

2. Unfortunately the miracles you talked about for me mean nothing. I've heard about them before and was surprised to find that not many other people actually knew about them. Also, do you believe the miracles that Muslims claim to have happened to them where Allah tells them they are correct and thousands of Muslims witnessed it? Which has happened. Or the Hindus being told the 6 armed girl who was born is a miracle of their god? Or any other contradictory religious miracle to yours? Because the ones that happened to the people of your faith are more convincing because it is 'your' faith."

Miracles from ancestor. Miracles can be nothing to you unless they are meaningless.

3. You can find naturalistic explanations for everything in life. And if you can't, that doesn't mean some god did it. Extraordinary Claims Requires Extraordinary Amounts of Evidence."

The God exists in reality. Differences in religions are cultural exchanges.

You don't need to defend your faith unless you have it moved away from your heart.
If it's the case, it's hard for others to defend it for you.