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Steve Savage
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30 October 2009
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Quote, “The problem is that Science will not ever “speak with one voice.” Scientists often have different opinions about a given topic.”

It may not a healthy situation as you have stated. A given topic on ecology (that directly leads to our extinctions) is one of them. Law of physics cannot be violated. Nothing can travel faster then light. Space migration is (only a dream) not a solution. Technology failed to unite science (knowledge) ever again.

You see people wearing white coats giving you a name card from an institution. Ones will never question their authority. This is the major problem of science nowadays. You see e=mc2. You will not ask, “Light does not have MASS. It produced by burning any particle. In the meantime, it is necessarily not linear. It diversified through travelling different media. Instead, its directions was a sphere (3D-minesional). So what the hell with scientists’ ideas of space migrations? The distances in-bewteen each galaxy is an obstacle FOREVER.”

One must understand the ecology (life cycle) of the Earth can no longer be substained. We are still in a Stone Age because of our ingorance to environmental friendly designs in the urban-planning. Meanwhile, we have to gather all our resources in restoring the ecology (e.g. massive projects carried out worldwide to simulate the orginal life cycle of the Earth, applications of new technology to replace the old methods of productions & consent from the United Nation to compensate the cost of developing countries for slowing/stopping their urbanizations).