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25 October 2009
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Then philosophy will be empty.
To be a philosopher speaking out of emptiness, he or she will become a novel writer.
It is a shame.
I am proud of being a REAL philosopher.
Philosophy cannot be HIGH SOUNDING NOTHING.
I would like to invite all of you to THINK, not to JOIN.

As I used to say, "Science cannot be fictional stories." It needs evidences. In the meantime, scientists need thinking. Before doing any experiment or research, scientists need to think about the directions first. Evalutions of the results of experiments are essential too.

Dogma? History will give all of you an answer.

Light is not a (solid) string that was given a specific path to travel through with.
Light travel through media with particles.
Light can travel without any particles is an infection of other particles. Thus, invalid.

As a result, look at the equation below.

D=S & M=N<L

1. D=Directions
2. S=Sphere (3D-imensional - all directions)
3. M=Media (not mass)
4. Let N be "any" (not even particles)
5. L stands for Light

D=S & M=N<L, then speed> Light is valid.

The term "science" refers to knowledge.
From when, science need terms to define.
Only if you insert a CD to install a software named "logic", you become a computer program without any variation (they called them as "mistakes").

Logic is dead.

As I mentioned in another post "The Earth Must be a Biological Entity", logic failed to deal with a new discovery [that out of our old(-school) thinking]