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Shantan Barley
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19 October 2009
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Can Technology Recover Our Eco-system?

Advancement in technology may not be capable of helping us to overcome all the constraints (e.g. over-population). Evironmental preservation is an urgent need for our survivals. Imagination of scientists brings us to space. Imagination of scientists may also bring us to extinctions. Everyone knows that the Earth is definitely not a "rock". The candle of live is actually "a-live". Ecosystem is similar to our life cycles. The ecosytem will collapse eventually. Thus, we will be extinct. Most of us regard technology as a solution to everything. Can technology recover the entire (eco-)system of the Earth? It's a question similar to this, "Can technology save someone from death?" Natural process of lives cannot be violated. The Earth is a biological living entity. The Earth provide us with every necessity for our daily life. The collapse of the whole system is an inevitable process of lives. In another word, it equals to the natural process of aging. Regeneration of the Earth is not infinite. It is similar to our life cycles.

"Unless negotiators in Copenhagen [in Denmark, at the UN climate talks in December] agree to limit atmospheric carbon dioxide to 350 parts per million, they will sentence the world's coral reefs to death." Politics played an essential role in both environmental issues and directions of scientific researches. This "sentence" will be given to both the corals and our children.

Think twice. Comments of the public will give support to our leaders.