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11 September 2009
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We are different, but we are one.
Lives are lives in different levels. A pyramid of lives cannot be turned upside down.
Life is a live inside others

The so-called "External universe" is an old school thinking. Selfishness embeded in our genes.
Lives have self-awareness. Indeed, we have "internal" and "external" world.
In fact, both are the same

"Consciousness" is the abilty to think and react until our death. It comes from birth

The so-called "external universe" (a Conscious Earth) is a living object to give you birth.
"Lives" is the only principle in our universe

As I used to say, "Philosophy cannot be a high sounding nothing".
Philosophy cannot be seperated from reality

Similar to religions, the secrets of lives is no longer a myth in an era of rationality.
Traditional concept of the God is actually a Conscious Earth, a higher level of lives.
She is our mother-in-common from biological prospecive

Your view is similar to mine

"Consciousness" generated from brains. Physical existence take the lead.
"Consciousness" is the only way to define living things. Others are only living tissues of the Earth.
Every specie is the "offspring" of the Earth. We call them "animals" only because we have higher intelligence

Our intelligence allows us to establish our civilization, but it cannot turn the pyramid of lives outside down.
However, the God (by referring to the traditional concepts) is our mother-in-common.
We have nothing to affraid with

Our universe is just like a pyramid. Lives are lives in different levels.
We are animals with higher intelligence. Other animals are also lives.