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07 April 2009
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Evolution by both the God and all of us.
Evolution cannot be a theory because it is incomplete.
Evolution by microorganism of the Earth from simple into a more complex form of lives

Lives are lives in different levels.
Lives are granted when you are born.
Lives are cycles that will end eventually

Religions by both the God and our ancestor.
Religions cannot be a science because it is concept.
Religions by faiths of the love and charity for all of us as a unity

The God has her images on you.
(Buddhism is only a mental state. "Wheels" are the cycles of lives.)
The God is everywhere because you are inside.
The God is our mother-in-common

We are children, but not slaves.
"Unconditional Love" of the God by giving you all the thing you may need for life.
We are a family in the universe

The Earth is a conscious living object

Everything is granted by birth

Manipulations of the God over our world by her gifted power by birth to turn our world into her ideals

Charity and love is the NATURE of the God.
Awake of her, a world revolution of knowledge.
What do you think, philsophers?
Are you ready for the enlightenment?