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30 October 2009
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The man watching television is jealous of the child on the screen. The child is having a good show, but the man would like to become the role he played. He must be day-dreaming. Once he was a child sitting at the garden with his dog. The dog barking at the man is not the one in his dream (the past).

Philosopher can be the man. A "dog" is barking to wake up the rests. An evil can destroy the world. A merit can bring us hope. A philosopher can be young. A phiosopher can be sitting on the sofa. A philosopher can be playing the role as a kid. A drama has its stage in front of our world. An opportunity to save the rests. A final blow to philosophy. A final measure to save the rests from dream. A final resort before our last generation.

Everyone is a man.
Someone has to be the dog. Who else?

Teru Wong