Philosophy has a long history of development along with our civilizations. It is the study of others’ minds. The words of philosophers are lyrics of our life. Everyone can be. Everyone should be. It belongs to all of us. It enriches our life.


Everyone can be a philosopher. Not all of them can become a thinker.


Philosophy is the by-product of civilizations. In the meanwhile, one must realize one rule.

A real philosopher shall never speak out of emptiness.


Philosophy is completely insane to deny the presence of the God. Similar to the evolution, both of them are ironic. It takes a long time for species to evolve to our civilizations nowadays. As a man of wisdom, we have to accept the reality. Physical presences allow us to think. Although the God is our mother-in-common in reality, her desires may have driven her away from the nature of charity and love. Thus, she is leading our way to the blink of extinction.


Philosophy can be reality. Presence of the God is reality. Atheists are losing ground because the God exists in reality. I am, therefore, I think. Philosophy has to be rewritten.


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Philosophies are discoveries. Discoveries are not inventions.
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