A Research on the Scientific Hypothesis

Lives in Different Levels

Started from 24 August 2009

This research project covers a wide range of academic subjects.

I am working on it individually.


As I used to say, “Truth is always one”. Enlightenment does not belong to individual. It will become a world revolution of knowledge. The God must be pleased with my research. Traditional concepts of the God are mistakes in the past. Religions are heritages from both the God and our ancestor. The God is actually a higher level of lives. She is our planet Earth.



Biosphere is the life cycles. A higher level of lives gives birth to all of us by cell divisions. It is also her internal growth.

It is very likely to be the case that both continents and oceans have emerged at the same period of time.

Natural vegetations (her living tissues) transform the only energy in-take i.e. sunlight into the input of her life cycles.

In this case, desertification is her aging (decaying in biology), which cannot be recovered.

Illustrations: http://picasaweb.google.com.hk/lh/photo/a3wtiWIgY4bN5Ijf_7MBOA?feat=directlink

Republished on 14 December 2009 (UCT+8 13:05)
Updated on 21 February 2011 (UCT+8 23:13)
The progress will be published regularly in
 An Origin Delayed Conscious Earth

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