Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment

Posted by Teru Wong on Sunday, September 27, 2009 In : The Environmental Site Forums 
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Su-shi-l(i) Ya-dav (sushilydv)
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15 April 2005
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Discussion / debate / argument before you come into actions.
Discussion / debate / argument after your actions will be a failure.
Discussion / debate / argument during your actions change your directions.

Do you understand? Ti...

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Moon Landings Faked?

Posted by Teru Wong on Saturday, September 26, 2009 In : Space Forums 
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James Lynch (jim48)
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02 July 2009
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Obviously, it is not.

It is quite enjoyable for watching the astronauts show up on the videos.
They picked up a rock and say “Hello” to the audiences.
Then they take a photo and come back to our Earth.

Presidents will give them a warm welcome.

It is difficult t...

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