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28 August, 2009 
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Dear all,

Sorry for my interruptions.

I would like to bring forward a few points that I notice throughout this discussion.

First, some ecologists refer the compositions of “Carbon Dioxide (CO2)” in the atmosphere (some may relate it with the hydrosphere) as the main factor account for the Global Warming. It may not DIRECTLY lead to the Global Warming.

An experiment suggested by me:

(a) The procedures (1) to (4) below have to carry out under the same temperature.
(b) The cubes have to be transparent.
(c) The materials of the cubes should be PLASTIC instead of glasses.
(d) The compositions of chemicals inside the cube are similar to the proportions of the outside world. A number of samples have to be taken and being established in the forms of cubes in the experiment.
(e) The term “sunshine” mentioned in the “Procedures” below has to be man-made. Strict control of its intensity is required.
(f) The observations of all cubes have to carry out in the same period of time.
(g) These cubes are inside the same room.
(h) The temperature inside the cubes has to be close to the outside world.

(1) Pump CO2 into the cubes.
(2) Set up a control experiment inside a cube of vacuum.
(3) Put one of the cubes out of each two under sunshine for a certain period of time. Another one without any sunshine. (In which, each two cubes are made out of the same proportions of chemical components.) Pump in CO2 to observe the changes and results.
(4) Prepare two cubes under the conditions of (2). Put one of them under sunshine for a certain period of time. Another one without any sunshine. Pump in CO2 to observe the changes and results.
(5) Accurate measurements in temperature have to be recorded in a certain period of time. Record and compare the results of every cube.

(I do not have equipments to do so. The result of this experiment may become a scientific proof of the relationships in-between the content of CO2 and the temperature inside the Earth. It is a control experiment with the outside world.)

The content of CO2 MAY be a driven cause or a trigger.
It does not SEEMS to be a DIRECT force.
In another word, the study of the content of CO2 in the Earth seems useless.

Controversies of this experiment:
(1) The presences of living things (Biosphere).
The interchanges of chemicals must relate to living things. The living things can be a decisive factor to the environmental changes. They contributed to the increases in the emissions of CO2. However, the direct relationship in-between the CO2 and temperature urged by some ecologists do not imply. The activities of living organisms are not their considerations.

Second, some argues that the Mars can be used as a control experiment. However, the age of the Mars is a speculation. The compositions of chemicals inside a planet can be changed from one to another. The key of the temperature is not seemingly the inter-exchanges of chemical components from one form to another. It seems to me like a “life-cycles” of the planet. We have to find out the exact ages of the planets before attempting any further scientific findings. I am doing research in an individual basis.

Thank you for your attentions.