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31 August, 2009
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First, freedom is granted by the God. Atheists will eventually believe my words.
This planet is conscious.

With regards to the question above,

1.) Why is it that every form of life on this planet has a basic, fundamental desire to avoid death at all costs?
They are the nature of living things. Our world consists of “Minds, Emotion, Desires, Live and Death”.

2.) Why does a species want to reproduce?
Sex is a desire. Reproduction is a natural process.

3.) What is the point of continuing on, of ensuring that the next generation comes into existence? Is it to be remembered? If it is to be remembered, why ?
The continuation of civilizations (in which, I think you meant to be) is “love”. Jesus “teaches” you love.

For what reason?
Why does a species like a virus have the same desire to survive that say, a human, or a sunflower has?
A sunflower is only an organic living tissue of the Earth. Virus also.
Human (animals) is the offspring of the God.

In other words, why does every species of life on earth want to perpetuate itself?
The major reason is the unity among species themselves. It is similar to the one of races.

By the way, "Male is a Comfort if you are an orphan".