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6 September 2009
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Only science can answer your question.

Else, you are discussing something in your dream.

The conflicts between the East and West ideologies are the major constraints for us to go further.

As I can see, we are a backward "planet" because I cannot think of any intellectual races in the universe (if they once exists or existing) will still send vessals to other planets, even though they know they are exactly inside one. The one they habited in is still alive, while others are dead. It is the biggest joke in human history, and I am wondering the actions of our scientists.

In the meantime, philosophers are talking about things like "souls", "after-life", "deamon" and "angels". Religions are confronting with each others, while our technology remains backward. The development of our civilizations has shortened the "life span" of the Earth. We are coming to the blink of extinctions, since the process of aging (of any living objects) can only be slowed down.

We are not only serving for the God, but also the humankind.
In fact, we are a unity. The God is our mother-in-common from biological prospective.
Meanwhile, the God is a higher level of lives.

"I am thinking about your lives, but you are thinking about OUR death."

The God is actually a Consious Earth.

All the others are our imaginations because of the differences in-between the God and us.

The God is our mother-in-common from biological prospective.
She is a higher form of lives.

Obviously, she is not the one we expected.

Thank you very much for your reply.

The God is actually a conscious earth.
It is my scientific “hypothesis” of my individual research project.

From biological prospective, the Earth is a conscious living object which is in a higher level of lives. In the meantime, she is our mother-in-common in biological prospective.

Her manipulations of her gifted ‘power” from birth created our world of her ideals.
Her gifted “power” from birth cannot ignore natural rules.
In return, her nature is similar to us. She cannot escape from death. In which, it is similar to the surrounding planets.

The in-divisibility in-between “the God” (a Conscious Earth) and our civilizations cannot be denied. She is connected with us both mentally and physically.

This is a new hypothesis no one ever did mention before.
Therefore, it takes time for the public to digest.

I have no doubt that “unconditional love” can only be granted by the God, but history reveals that her lust for power drive her far from her charity and love of her nature (physical presence as a planet/a candle of lives).

I am working on this hypothesis as a lifetime project in part-time basis.

The old concepts of the God must be abolished.

She is our mother-in-common from biological prospective.
I hope the truth (by science) will stop both the God and our civilizations from going too far.

What she has done to us is not acceptable as our mother-in-common.

Although human turned her conflicts in heart into reality, her concepts of the world (like after-life and salvations) are abnormal.

Like Protestant in the old days. Lies must kill. Truth may save.