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27 August, 2009
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First, Christianity does not need proofs. It is one of the concepts of the God.
Second, if anyone is telling you “the truth”, he/she must already have the consents from the God.
Third, the stances of historians are neutral. They are telling you the truth that they know. It is limited to their knowledge.


With reference to the above,

First, the proof of the validity of the Holy Bible is the existence of the God. Nobody can deny the existence of the God, even though the nature of the God varies from one religion to another. The Holy Bible has to be the words of the God. Otherwise, WE must not be reading it. As I used to say, “Old and New, both from God."

Second, the truth refers to the concept of the God. The God exists, these concepts exist. As I used to say, “Beginner the God and with her end, brings us ours."

By the way, these beliefs are not old school thinkings. Faiths, I must say.
(Please kindly read through this thread if you do not understand.)

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