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5 September, 2009
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Evolution is not contrary to creation. Creation can be the power of birth. They are natural rules in our world.

The origin of the God (as you have mentioned in above) is a living objects which is similar to all of us. The God is a higher level of lives. To be more specific, the God is a living object which rear us from the birth until death. The consciousness of living objects requires physical presences. “No substances can be created from none."

The imaginary image of the God is the creations of both the God and our ancestors. The will of the God manipulated our world. The real identity of the God is our “mother-in-common”. The reproduction of the God (in fact, she is the planet) is carried out inside her body. We are both her “life cycles” and “offspring”.

Indeed, religions are creations. The origin of various religions needs further researches.

I am working on the proofs of her existences.

With regards to your questions, the nature of the God is the only possible answer. It is nothing about her morality. It is the truth.

Light is the initial. Birth is the power. Lives are proofs.
The end may never be the end.

I apologize for mentioning the nature of the God here, but I have an answer very close to the truth behind our world.

The beliefs of a universal creator and images of the God are created by imaginations generated by different levels of lives. An after-life can be a comfort, else a concept of the God to establish our civilizations. The above are evaluations only.

The nature of our world is a planet. The planets are in the higher level of lives which carried out reproductions inside their bodies. The manipulations of her gifted power from birth generated different concepts of our world. Conflicts of her heart turned out into wars in reality. This is the truth behind our world.

The presence of a planet is actually the mother-in-common of her offspring (animals) inside her body. The biological prospective has given her definitions of lives. Thus, the nature of the planet (a conscious living thing) gave us the hint of the formation of our universe.

Migrations to the Mars because of “environmental stresses” that you mentioned above are not seemingly working, because the life-cycles of that particular planet has already come to an end. The absence of space arrivals has been revealed.

Assume there is a race in the universe with higher technology, they woul rather choose to stay inside the planet because the “life spans” of the planets can only be lengthened instead of saving them from death.

Though the reality is hard, scientists have to accept it.

The concepts of “the God” and the “after-life” are the hertiages from the past.
Enlightenment (a world revolution of knowledge is coming).

I am sorry for mentioning those key words a couple of time.

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Once the regulations (even the terms of acceptance) have conflicts with the international laws, it will come into a court case.

Freedom of speech is guaranteed. It is also granted by the God.
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The concept of the God is a mistake from the past. The God is one, but religions are plural. The establishment of religions is by both the God and humankind. The existence of the God is our mother-in-common from biological prospective. Once the God has been proved by sciences, the God may not be the one you used to know. The establishment of civilizations is both the God and humankind. Decisions made by both.

It is purely science. I am the only one who knows the truth behind the world. Therefore, it is my responsibility to speak out.
The migrations to other planets are impossible unless we are capable of reaching another one still alive. In another word, their life cycles have not come into an end. The journey will be too long and life span of the Earth has been shortened by the rapid development of our civilizations.

The activities of offspring (animals) will definitely shortened the life cycles of the planet. It is a matter of urgent.

Evolution is a natural process of both the Earth and the animals.

The definitions of living things are restricted to the consciousness of living things. The existence of the brain-like structure is the only way to define “living things”. “Plants” are similar to “Microorganisms” inside the Earth. Once the life cycles of a planet end, the microorganisms of a planet will be dead. Thus, it satisfies the absence of living organisms in other planets.
“Animals” evolved and diversified into different species. The Earth “grows” from simple forms to more complex forms of lives. Evolution of animals (her offspring by reproductions) resulted in diversification of species. In the meanwhile, the diversification of plants (her living tissues) resulted in the evolution of the Earth.

The evolution from microorganisms into animals should be valid. Microorganisms can also be “LIVING TISSUES” of the Earth. In another word, the Earth is a higher level of lives and she evolves through time.

The situations is similar to the animals inside. Both “reproductions” and “plants/microorganisms” are a mixture of the “life cycles” of the Earth. Evolution is a process of the PLANET itself.

Lives have no secrets. We can see everything in reality instead of our imaginations.

We are alive, living in a living entity. Planets are lives in higher level. Human beings is in the same level of lives with other animals. The only thing make us different is our biological structures and intelligence. Meanwhile, living objects have to be conscious. In which, we can explain it by science. It is the ability to think and react from our birth until death.

Time is linear. Space is multi-dimensional, so is the Earth. Nothing can go against the natural rules.

Biological concepts can be applied on the Earth.
Please be reminded that the Earth is not just the Crust. It is a biological entity.