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11 September 2009
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An answer not to answer, but appreciated. – By the God only
An answer is not an answer for our future. – Betrayal of our kind
An answer to someone needs hope. – We are a unity, even though her lust for a glorified image has driven her away from charity and love.

I prefer to have the FUTURE, if we still have “time”.
If there is a choice, we should give it to our children.
Philosophers should wake up the others.

Lies must kill. Truth may save.
The God is a traditional concept. She is A Conscious Earth in reality.
Such an image was given by both the God and our ancestor.

However, imagination of an after-life (abused by the God to become one of the concepts of building our world) has turned the world abnormal.

The expansion of our civilizations has shortened the “life span” of the Earth.

Only science can do.
Only future of the mankind can be.
Only philosophers can wake the others up.

Soul is inside the Holy Bible.
Soul is inside the religions.
Soul is inside the reality.

SOUL is only a concept in reality.
(The God – a Conscious Earth - manipulates our world by her gifted power from birth. Her lust for a glorified image and power has turned our world abnormal. She would like to rule our world according to her ideals.)

As I mentioned before, “Destiny and Fate, both are one. Destiny comes from the God. Fate is in our hands.” Free Will is limited.

Soul is Only a Concept. No one can prove its existence.
You can only have a Conscious Earth -- a higher level of lives.

What is the reason for defending a CONCEPT (or may I say, “It is something that does not exist”)?

Someone asked me recently, “For what, you believe in extinctions for all of us?”
“Look up the sky. How many stars (or planets, maybe) you can see?”
“Go check the web. How the Mars and Jupiter look like?"

You have a clue if they (I am referring to planets. Please be reminded that the classification of planets remains controversial because of our rigidity of technology) are “(Conscious) Living Objects”.

Anyway, it is an era of rationality.
Philosophy MUST be real.