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Mr. George Hammond (George Hammond)
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22 August, 2009
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[Teru Wong]
I am glad to meet you here.
G-ne-ro-se dei-lu-se ka-ya-ma-dai-lei-o se-ki-lu-wa. (German)
As a Liberal Art university in Hong Kong, they required me to take “two written -” and “three spoken -” languages. They did not teach me German, of course.
I strongly recommend self-learning.
A few points I would like to clarify here,
First, age is not a problem. Reputations of a scholar come from his contribution.
Second, scholars have to be neutral in their researches. My stance is clear in this aspect. Atheists must accept reality of the existence of the God, once I proved it in a scientific way. It is always open for discussions.
Third, races are equal because all of us come from the same origin. Equality of genders and races is guarantee by the international laws. As I used to say, “Freedom is granted by the God, but human trashed it.” I hope you will not be one of them.

[Teru Wong]
BY my proof of the God. BY the will of the God. BY the reputations in human history.
As I used to say, “The God is one, but religions are plural.”
Basic understand of oriental religious studies is a basic requirement if you are searching for a proof of the God. The God belongs to the world, not EAST or WEST.
As I used to say, “I will make you in history.”
They MUST have me written on the textbooks.
Age is not a problem, but the truth did.

[Teru Wong]
So why don’t you give it up? I have read your pictures and numbers.

Dear Mr. George Hammond,

As I used to say, “Destiny and fates. Destiny from the God. Fates are in our hands. They are different, but one."

Your life will not be an end and I respect you as a real scholar. An expert like you should devote yourself into other scientific researches. I THINK the humankind is having a trouble. In which, we should put our eyes on it a long time ago. The issue of the Global warming is still out of unknown causes. Age is not a problem. It is nothing personal. The contributions of a scientist belong to the world, not individuals.

Dominance is because of the truth. The truth is the dominant force, not me. As I used to say, “Truth is always one.” I am building an electronic platform for myself to fulfill the mission from the God. You are a graduated scientist and you know my hypothesis is built on a solid ground.

A general knowledge of historical background of most of the religions as well as the history of our civilizations is a basic requirement to understand the nature of “the God”. Buddhism is a mental state. I am doing so, because the God has given me this mission. I am doing it on my own ways without any guidance.

As I used to say, “Time will prove. History will tell.” She will lead me.

It is nothing personal.

A proof is not a proof, if it is only equations.

The God is our mother-in-common.

In fact, her morality remains doubt.

She may not be someone we expected.

The process of reproductions carried out inside her body and she is a higher level of lives in biological prospectives.

Time will show.

(anyway) God Bless.

I am giving you one of them (You are referring to MY topic). A word meanful is much better then a page. - removed

Dear George Hammond,

Religions are the heritages from both the God and our ancestors. Our differences in physical (or shall I say, biological) presences caused imaginations.

Evolutions take time. It takes a long time to develop to the civilizations nowadays. The "ages" of the Earth by modern speculations may not be accurate. The speed of evolution is another reason. The God “may” not be capable of recognizing “her” real identity as our mother-in-common in biological aspect.

I am sorry to tell all the philosophers and scientists the truth.

History will tell. Science will do.
(Only if we still have time)

I have made some modifications to my attachment above. The link is the same.