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9 September 2009
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She cannot be seen because you are inside.
She cannot be something else.
Faiths are her concepts.

Her charity and love are being preached because she has everything you want.
She rears all of us from our birth till death.
Believe in her not because of religions, but nature of the God.

In the era of rationality, all atheists are going to be converted by the truth.
To me, truth is always one.
Science can do.

Religions and culture are the concepts of both the God and humankind.
The God is one, but religions are plural.
It is not empty, but supported by science.

The God may not be the one you know.

As a young philosopher who knows her,
She does not want to abolish religions.
Religions are heritages from our ancestor.

Beginner the God and with her end, bring us ours.
History will tell. Science will do.