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21 August, 2009
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Dear all philosophers participated in this forum,

The human condition is a result of over-population. Such “conditions” are being bounded by reality. The uneven distribution of wealth is a global phenomenon and a result of the money economy. The trash of the currency systems around the word (in which, it is derived from the over-credibility of most developed countries) is another pushing factor. I am not going to put any comments on the trend of globalization, but it is a major changing force (in which, some may define it as a phenomenon). Such kind of changes can be positive.

Decisions in our world are made by both the God and humankind. We are a unity. The will of the God has the power to dominate/manipulate the world. In the meanwhile, “free wills” come from birth and our freedom is guarantee by the God. The situation nowadays is unexpected since NO ONE can travel through the time. As I used to say, “time is linear.” Natural rules cannot be broken in any causes, even with the power of the God.

The nature of the God remains controversial. After the nature of the God has been found out by scientific approach, the myths and principles (or concepts) behind our world will be exposed. As the God is pleased with the scientific proof and the real identity, the revolution of knowledge is carrying out by those who know (and accept) the truth.

As I mentioned previously, “Philosophers can change the world because we are the chosen ones.” The God exists as an independent thought which is also a unity with all of us. We cannot be separated, from the beginning until the end. As I used to say, “Beginner the God and with her end, brings us ours.” The scientific proof is a solid ground for studies in religions, philosophy and sciences.

The age of a 4.5-6 billion years has given the God sufficient time to accumulate knowledge as well as modifying the concepts behind the world. These concepts can be discuss and share by all scholars, reporters (including column writers) and experts in all aspects (e.g. cultural, religions’ and historical studies). The humankind is doing so repeatedly in the past. Freedom is granted by the God to continue to beautify our world by our changing concepts as well as the God.