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Teru Wong (kk23wong)
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17 September 2009

Lives do not have secrets, not until I have told you.

The Earth is a conscious living object.

The differences in the existences in-between the God and humankind have created imaginations. Religions have been established by both the God and our ancestor. They are actually concepts of both the God and the humankind.

The hidden cohesions in-between the God and humankind in mental and physical existences created our world. The concepts of the God have applied on our society through her manipulations of the gifted power from birth.

The unique existence of the God created imaginations from both sides. Common conceptual mistake as the personality of the God remains unchanged is not correct. She is our mother-in-common from biological prospective. The traditional concept of the God is a mistake. She is a higher form of lives with comparison to all of us. She is always changing, so as the concepts of our world.

The imagination of an after-life is a comfort and it is an idea created by the God. It can be a comfort to those who are dying. It can be something else. The world is not being divided by boundaries because the God is everywhere inside her body. Another conceptual mistake is the divisions in-between the East and the West. The concepts of the God divided us to make the world become the one of her ideals.

The advancement of technology allows the God and the humankind to understand the universe more. We are too arrogant to look upon ourselves as the only living planet in our universe. The imaginations of space colonies have blinded the scientists. They are not capable of recovering the life cycles of other planets. The logic is very simple. We cannot save a man after they died. The planets are living objects. Although the classifications of the planets remain doubts due to our rigidity of technology, we should understand that most of them are similar to the Earth. The ages of the planets vary. Speculations made by modern technology are inaccurate. Thus, the civilizations of other planets are not necessarily visible to us due to the differences in time.

Live and death is natural process of lives. Planets cannot escape from the death when their life cycles have come to an end. Reproduction carried out by the planet produce offspring (animals). Living organisms (including bacteria) and plants are living tissues of the Earth. The absence of living organism in space due to the differences in the mechanism of the space since it is vacuum. We are incapable to save a planet from death, but we can slow down the process of aging. Although the reality is hard, accept it by rationality.

Cultures and religions have taken up a large part in our history. They are the heritages from both the God and our ancestors. The indivisibility in-between the God and we have established the world nowadays. Evaluations of all kinds of social circumstances and systems are carried out by scholars in their specific fields. The concepts of the God is always changing and our minds can influence the world because the cohesions in-between the God and us bring changes to our world. We are a unity. Racial and gender are equal because we come from the same origin. The God is our mother-in-common. Utopia can never be achieved because both the God and us cannot violate the natural rules. Live and death is a natural process. Consciousness can be explained by sciences.

Philosophy is not something empty. We need to understand the truth of the outside world first. Science is an answer. The physical existence of the God has ended all of our imaginations. Philosophers have to find another way out.

What do you think, philosophers?

Are you guys want to hide and deny the truth by non-senses?
Or we just accept it and come into a new era of philosohy?

As I used to say, "The Pass has Passed."

Why are you escaping from reality?

The physical presences of the God cannot be denied.
The imaginations of philosophers and scientists must be demolished.
The End will never be an end.