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17 September 2009
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Evolution is a natural process of both the Earth and the animals.

The definitions of living things are restricted to the consciousness of living things. The existence of the brain-like structure is the only way to define “living things”. “Plants” are similar to “Microorganisms” inside the Earth. Once the life cycles of a planet end, the microorganisms of a planet will be dead. Thus, it satisfies the absence of living organisms in other planets.

“Animals” evolved and diversified into different species. The Earth “grows” from simple forms to more complex forms of lives. Evolution of animals (her offspring by reproductions) resulted in diversification of species. In the meanwhile, the diversification of plants (her living tissues) resulted in the evolution of the Earth.

The evolution from microorganisms into animals should be valid. Microorganisms can also be “LIVING TISSUES” of the Earth.
In another word, the Earth is a higher level of lives and she evolves through time.

The situations is similar to the animals inside. Both “reproductions” and “plants and microorganisms” are a mixture of the “life cycles” of the Earth. Evolution is a process of the PLANET itself.

Extinction is not as worst as you may think of.
Not after the "life cycles" of the Earth has come to an end.