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23 September 2009
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Fears of the God are not the words from the God.

To Understand the God is not by fears, but love.

Fears of unexpected, accident.
Fears of the power of the God, from birth.
Fears of unseen, lack of knowledge.

If fears grow from heart, the God will heal you with your pains.
If fears grow from dark, it is in you as well as the God.
If fears grow from sins, you will be forgiven by the God when you confessed.

Pray to your heart, the God will listen.

God Bless.


(23 Sep 2009) By enforcing her ideals on our world, her lust for power has driven her away from charity and love. Manipualtions of her gifted power from birth turned our world abnormal. Soul is only a Comfort.

Hi James,

The voices speaking to you constantly MUST not be the same of the others. It varies from one person to another.

To find out the source(s) of the voices depend(s) on your instincts of good and evil.

The repeated sounds to encourage you to follow "rightness" and "Love truth" can be the voices from your heart. If the sounds come from your heart not the others, I am certain that you must be a good person.

You judge the others by your heart. Judgements must be rational instead of being objective. There is an ancient Chinese proverb, "Getting close to the red (stand for 'good'), you become one of them. Getting close to the black (stand for 'bad'), the other way round." I apologize for my poor translations from Chinese texts.

In the whole, judgement is required, but not prejudgement.

May the God be with you.

Psychological symptoms are to eleborate and explain the existings.

You're rite. Boagie.
At the meanwhile, judgements also come from the individuals.

HI bouagie,

The origin is no where, but here.

Inside a concious subject, there are concious objects.


Hi there,

You are concious because of your minds. Your minds come from your brain. I am not referring to existentialism.

Lives at different levels.
You are a whole, but inside a concious subject. You are your master, but we have the same origin.

Good and Evil come with birth. You cannot deny the evils in your heart, but you still have the choices.

The God does not made you, she give birth to you. Rear you throughout your whole life.

The sins are not sins. The sins from birth are not sins at all. Our mother gives you birth, rear you until your death. Everything is unconditional. The God never ask you to be her servant, but treat you as her child.

Love in heart of the God, merits and charity in our world. An evil of the God will demonish our world.

The God is long-lived, but she cares about us.

Moral in heart, the Holy Bible is the conversations with the God. Scriptures MUST not be seperated. Words by words, meanings inside would be lost.

A threat not to western, a threat is a liberation of the humankind. New ideas come up with oppostions.

Faiths in heart, love as always. The God is our mother. Believe in your faiths, actions decided who you are. Charity of the God is by actions.

Preaching the love and charity of the God. Nevertheless, the God is only one.