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4 August 2009
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The Big Bang argument is not established on a solid ground.

Due to the limited time of observations of our universe, imaginations of the origin of the world can be observed in our universe today.

The origin of the universe are much far from now.
This is a common conceptual mistake of scientists.

Scientists are imagining of space migration without minimal understanding of the planet we situated in.

The nature of the Earth has explained the non-existence of lives in other planets nearby.
The Earth is full of living organisms (including bacteria) because it is a conscious living object.
When the live of a planet has come to an end, all living objects inside will be extinct.

Why pushing the post of old thought back and fro without accepting the reality that the Earth is a conscious living object?

Nowadays, philosophers become the conservative churches in the past.

The destructions of the life cycles of the Earth will be resulted in extinctions of all of our kinds.

Please start discussion on the conscious Earth now.
We do not have much time left if our civilizations continue to grow in the current speed.


Philosophers, the old days are not coming back if you deny the existences of the God – A Conscious Earth.

Obviously, we are on the same side.

Not at all.

The general beliefs that orbits and distances from the Sun are only predictions made by scientists to satisfy the circumstances of other planets nearby.

Please stick with the facts.

Planets are living object with a unity way of thinking. In which, I call it “consciousness”. Although the definitions of “consciousness” vary and it is a hot topic for philosophers, it can be explained by science. A biological structure of “brain” is the criteria for every living thing.

The definitions of living things in the old days are WRONG. The existence of the brain-like structure is the only way to define animals.

The differences in-between plants and animals is that the first one are the living tissues of the Earth.

Our lack of understanding of the nature of the planets (without my hypothesis) is leading our scientists to the wrong way.

Dominant because of the truth, not my personality.

I am the same.

Do you think humankind is a higher level of lives?

The truth is we are not, but with a higher level of intelligence.

The planets are a higher level of lives.

The life cycles of the planet contributed by both the offspring (reproduction of the planets) and the natural process of aging. I have to specify here that the regeneration of a planet is not infinite. The cycles of life will eventually come to an end. The process of aging of the planets cannot be recovered, but to slow down. The exploitations of natural resources by our civilizations resulted in the extinction of our planet. The planets nearby are dead. Their life cycles already come to an end! What do you expected in a planet without resources while the planets nearby are in similar circumstances?

The establishment of our space station gives our scientists too many imaginations. The concept of space colonies whatever is NEVER work. They are only coffins if they have no supplies of resources.

Don’t you guys understand how serious the situation is?

It is nothing personal.

The Earth is a conscious living object.

The God is a conscious Earth. She is in a higher form of lives and our mother-in-common biologically.

The rigidity of our technology stopped us from exploring our planet. The lack of understanding of the Earth blinded us.

The God is an imaginary image built by both the God and us. She would like to be glorified and her arrogant make us suffer.

The legends in our history are the manipulations of her power gifted by birth.

She is not the one we expected because she made many of us suffer.

Her concepts enforced on our world resulted in our arrogant and led us to the blink of extinctions. The regenerations of the Earth is not infinite. The situation will be similar to those planets nearby.

I am turning against her because our civilizations will be going too far because of the ingorance of the truth.

We are suffering by her manipulations of power. She is enforcing her will on her children.

I feel depressed and sorry to tell all of you the truth behind the world.

The God is actually a conscious Earth.
Lives have no secrets.
Souls are comfort. Lies must kill. Truth may save.

Unconditional love can only be granted by the God, but she is going too far.

She is lost in her lust for power. Thus, she makes her children suffer.

History will tell. Science can do.