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19 September 2009
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With regards to the questions of atheists with the existence of the God,

I have prepared all of you with the physical proofs of the existence of the God.

From biological prospective, the God is our mother-in-common.

Although the God may not be the one you know, accept it by rationality.

The reality is not too hard, because we come from the same origin.

Races are equal because we are a family, from the beginning till the end.

Beginner the God and with her end, brings us ours.

It is not a new faith.

It is the truth.

It is one of my research article that some of you may find new, others may not.

I wonder if anyone is Christians and muslims which have come across my posts these few months,

Maybe I have amazed you, Maybe I have failed you.

The physical existence should have ended the debates of the existence of the God, but it did not.

Imaginations causes illusions. Philosophers should not discussing their dreams.

Philosophy can be real.

Lies must kill, Truth may save.

My scientific proof of the God will bring new definitions of lives.

Thus, it give us new directions of science.

I am pushing this message on internet. Soon everyone will find it to be a matter of urgent.

It relates to the "life cycles" of the planet which you may come across in the passage below.

Below is the first version of my discovery.

It need further proof by science.

You can check the research in my online portfolio. My discussions in online forums may help you to understand more about these ideas. You are recommended to read the discussions section, since I spend most of the time eleborating ideas on net. - removed

Thank you for the tolerations from moderators and administrators.

I hope it will be a rational debate in this fourm.

The presence of the God is actually a Conscious Earth.

Put the religious problem aside.

If planets are conscious living objects (as I stated in my hypothesis), the reserves of resources of the Earth is scared. The pollutions of the Earth will threaten the survival our civilizations, since the regeneration of the Earth is not infinite. Activities of the animals (offspring) affect its life cycles.

In the meantime, other planets have their life cycles come to an end.

Reputations built on the nonsense of the people at the time being.

The God is our mother-in-common in biological prospective. She may not be someone we want.

The increase in the activities of her offsrping (animals) caused by the expansions of our civilizations is interrupting the "life cycles" of the Earth.

It's a worthy idea to stay away from pollutions and over-use of natural resources.
The 3R concept suggested by the environmentalists can be one of them.
Public awareness toward the Global Warming is being appreciated.

The Earth, as our mother-in-common is eternal to all of us.
If the mankind need a proof, science can do.

Thank you very much for your reply.

It is completely different from the Gaia hypothesis. I am talking about "A Conscious Earth". It is a completely new scientific hypothesis with logical proofs. Other planets are used as "Control Experiments". Therefore, my hypothesis is "Planets are living things". To be more specific, I am referring to the "planets" as a higher level of lives.

I am working on it as a lifetime project in a partime basis and sharing my lastest findings on net regularly.

The End will never be an end.
A world revolution of knowledge based on the TRUTH (and Web 2.0, shall be).

Evolution is a natural process of both the Earth and the animals.

The definitions of living things are restricted to the consciousness of living things. The existence of the brain-like structure is the only way to define “living things”. “Plants” are similar to “Microorganisms” inside the Earth. Once the life cycles of a planet end, the microorganisms of a planet will be dead. Thus, it satisfies the absence of living organisms in other planets.

“Animals” evolved and diversified into different species. The Earth “grows” from simple forms to more complex forms of lives. Evolution of animals (her offspring by reproductions) resulted in diversification of species. In the meanwhile, the diversification of plants (her living tissues) resulted in the evolution of the Earth.

The evolution from microorganisms into animals should be valid. Microorganisms can also be “LIVING TISSUES” of the Earth. In another word, the Earth is a higher level of lives and she evolves through time.

The situations is similar to the animals inside. Both “reproductions” and “plants/microorganisms” are a mixture of the “life cycles” of the Earth. Evolution is a process of the PLANET itself.

What make the Earth different?

Lives need a suitable envirnoment and a SUBSTANCE to start with.
Do you think we migrant from somewhere else?
A planet with lives need a LIVING SUBSTANCE to start with.
Similar to the Earth's crust, living organisms belong to the Earth.

The only difference in-between the Earth and the planets nearby is ALIVE.

Scientists will agree with me. FOR A SCIENTIFIC REVOLUTION.

Thank you very much for your reply.

What I am bringing up with is an hypothesis, "Lives in different levels".
A higher level of lives give birth to the lower ones.
It is definitely not a pseduo-science because of the statement below.

"No living organisms can be 'created' without any living tissue."

We are living on the Earth. Scientists normally regarded it as one of the planets in our universe which provided us with a suitable enviroment for lives due to the oribits and other causes. Whatever their claims are, they have failed to find out the origin of lives. Their failures due to one cause:
Their blind spot to look upon the Earth as a place for habitant only. Probably they have read too much about Genesis. The Earth is not just a breeding ground for miccroorganism, but it is exactly the origin (source) of all the living organisms. By referring to the statement above, the question about the origin of lives is the biggest joke ever in history. The Earth itslef is a biological entity which give birth to us by natural process of lives. This hypothesis is definitely different from other beliefs (e.g. Big Bang) because it based on a simple sentence that cannot be defeated by science.

The Earth itself contain living tissues for lives. Thus, the suitable enviroment of the Earth provide cross-reference and support to the fact that "the Earth is a living entity".

To be more specific, the Earth is a biological entity (a supreme being - note that it is not being created out of a supernatural power- in which, I am referring to the God in various religions). Lives are lives in different levels. Natural process of birth, growth and death to both the planets (a higher level of lives) and the living organisms inside cannot be violated. This hypothesis fully explained the absence of space arrivals, the presence of the God (a Consious Earth) and the myth of lives and death (natural process of lives). Thus, philosophy may has come to an end, since the truth has been found. By rearing all of us from our birth until death, nature of the God must be CHARITY and LOVE. Desires may have driven her away from her natural role. She does not mean to hurt you. Suffering from her struggle in heart, human turns them into wars in history.

The God is actually a conscious Earth.

It takes time for all of us to digest. At the meantime, it takes time for me to learn and fully finish this hypothesis.

I welcome any question or challenge from people in every field.

(The TRUTH cannot be bounded by academic subjects. A FACT should never affraid of being challenged. Papers in schools are waste papers. Science at home is still science, especially for an era of information technology.)

A man is preparing lunch for your grandchildren (if any).

The Earth is a biological entity.
Rapid expansion of our civilizations without realizing the fact is fatal.

Gobal warming and (esp.) desertification are threatening our future generation.

A logical proof (most people regard Logic as a subject, but it is actually not the case) is not only a direction for science. It can provide a solid ground ready for changes in our world.

Therefore, recognizing the truth that the Earth is a biological entity is the first step.