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27 August, 2009
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To the user of the username “SkyBear”,

There are a few points I would like to mention here.

1. Languages created by the divisions of landscapes.
2. The God does not speak to you. It does not necessarily mean to be all of us.
3. Concepts of the God apply to our world in reality.
4. We cannot ignore the God in reality. We are a unity.
5. The Holy Bible is one of the proofs.

To Philosophers,

An universal word, “LIVE"


(Read though the thread, if you do not understand.)

Dear the user of the username "felix dakat" and "TheStumps",

L-i-v-e, refers to "Life".
It also refers to "Live", a verb.
This term also refers to a noun.

A few points I would like to clarify here.

1. Please be reminded that a poetry require a unique format as you doubtlessly know. Contemporary poetry is more flexible, but you have to pay attention to the vowels.

2. As I mentioned in my Twitter before, “With administrators & moderators don't even know the basic international laws of copyright in academic forums, I think we're in a stone age.” Freedom of speech is guarantee and comes above ANY forum rules. No wonder why there is a new forum rule published on 27 August 2009 in this sub-board remains a myth to me. Whenever you named the board(s) after the title of “forum(s)”. It is protected by the United Charter and the international laws.

A basic knowledge of laws is a basic requirement of scholars, I suppose.

First, Wikipedia cannot be used as a source of data for any references. The validity and reliability remains uncertain. Lack of supervisions on the sources of knowledge is its main cause. In which, the analysis of data in many subjects covers a wide range of criteria. The criteria in the passage below cannot be standardized. It is ONLY a general analysis. Below are my evaluations.

To begin with, mathematics is a set of formulas for interpreting the real world around us. These “mathematical formalism” are the tools for us to understand the world around us. Our world DOES NOT created out of digits. The “God” know how to calculate but he/she does not need it for creations. As I mentioned before, “Destiny and fates. Destiny from the God, fates are on our hands.” The cohesions in-between the God and human beings are “a unity”. The in-divisibility in-between the God and us can be measured by mathematics, but they cannot interpret the whole concepts. Minds (Biologically, Brain) are/is the only way to prove the existences of the God. As I mentioned before, the ancient concepts of “the God” is a mistake. Moreover, I stated clearly that I am NOT an atheist. The existence of the “God” cannot be denied. We have NEVER understand the nature of the God before. Therefore, we cannot not make any rational debates on her “nature”. As I mentioned before, “Any interpretations of the God made by human are INDIVIDUAL opinions which may refers to his/her own “destiny (and fates)”. The God DOES NOT want to abolish the religions because these concepts are made by both the God and our ancestors. Such kinds of concepts MUST NOT be abolished. By the will of the God, I cannot challenge any faiths, but I have to take a neutral stance in discussing her existence and finish my scientific proof during my LIFETIME.

The so-called “realism” put forward by this article is close to the philosophical idea of “existentialism”. The existences of the human “minds” philosophically referring to a endured arguments on the orders of “brain” (biological structure) and “minds” (philosophical ideals). “I think, therefore, I am.” In fact, reversed. I am not hereby to fully support the beliefs in existentialism because their ignorance of the existence of the God is in fact an ignorance to the truth.

Time is linear. The poly-dimensional of the universe and the general belief that “the God” created this world out of none is a mistake. The creation is not necessarily “conscious”. In another hand, the concept of “Lives at different levels” can fully interpreted the existence of “the God’. “The God” created all these by birth and have the overwhelming power to manipulated the world. Such non-resistance power is being recognized by human as the “power of the God”. This is the main reason for “Power of the God comes from birth. Light is the initial.” Light is the only arrival from space which is a constant source of the power of “the God”. Time cannot be distorted, so as the truth. As I used to say, “You can only see yourself cutting an apple into half in front of a mirror.” The action is constant. The unity/subject cannot be separated into two.

Assumptions can be made by the scientists for his/her hypothesis. These assumptions have to be capable of cross-referencing with the hypothesis. The procedures of the proofs are essential but can be amended. Most of the significant scientific discovery based on a simple hypothesis, but this hypothesis must be the TRUTH. For instance, Galileo told me that “the earth is round” instead of a flatland. The amendments have to be made in the proofs, but not the hypothesis. Common conceptual mistakes are made in the hypotheses.

Dear the user of the quotation above,

The existence of a “smaller-scaled” atom SHOULD NOT be the major concern of the origin of this universe, even though I have not heard of it before. I have a few approaches to the study of the whole system. First, we have to understand the operations of the system first. (for instance, the observations of the planetary system in our universe). Second, we have to find out the principles behind such a system (the planetary forces and orbits). Third, we apply these basic principles into different categories of studies in every academic subject to get a clue (a hypothesis to the origin of this universe) and evaluate it by facts.

Your idea of studying the smallest “object” in order to get a clue of the universe is technically impossible nowadays, but it may not be in the future. However, other approaches are taking the leads right now. Technological breakthroughs are expected. However, the modern technology has already given us the chance to explore the myth of lives. I cannot say it is sufficient, but breakthroughs are made step by step.

Dear “TheStumps”,

Thank you very much for your reminders.

First, I have to state clearly that we cannot deny the existence of the God. However, the nature of the God is still undefined. Any debate on the interactions in-between the God and the universe is speaking out of emptiness. A scientific proof of the God is the prerequisite.

Second, the nature of the God (as I am trying to prove) is the existence of a conscious subject — the Earth (biologically, our mother in common). It is physically existed. As I mentioned before, “Lives in different levels.” Both the life expectancy and way of reproductions of the planets are different from the living organism inside. This rule can apply to other planets. Thus, their life expectancies explained their extinctions. We can only slow down the process of aging of a planet. I am working on this hypothesis as a lifetime project.

Third, I am suggesting a way out of the current rigidity of sciences. We have to put our focus on the mechanisms of our universe in the first place. Find out the principles and breakthrough it. My view upon the planets as living objects is sound. Further elaborations and evaluations are required.

Religions are similar to our culture. They are heritages from our ancestors. In fact, they are the concepts created by both the God and the humankind. History are written by both. More eleborations will be made.

My major concern is the wrong directions of science nowadays. The Earth is conscious. The definitions of living things have driven scientists into wrong directions. In the meantime, researches in astronomy are going too far. The “life-cycles” of the nearby planets have come to an end. Mars should be the “control” object in any experiment related to the Earth. The “life-cycles” of the planet MUST come to an end one day. The extinctions of all living things in the Earth are similar to the situations in Mars nowadays. Scientists should admit the false in the past. The similarities of the planets are hints to the modern science. From the date of the invention of the telescope, we should recognize these facts. It may be already too late for us to slow down the process of aging of the Earth.

Moreover, we may not manage to go to another planet which “it” is still alive “itself”. As I mentioned before, the gender of the planets in biological explanations is not as essential as the changes in the definitions of living things. It is a serious matter. Every living thing has its own life-expectancy.

The presence of a conscious Earth can fully-explain the mysterious presence of the God.

felix dakat,

The God is an imaginary image given by both the God and humankind.
The real identity of the God is a higher level of living thing and our mother-in-common as the same time.

What I am suggesting here is that philosophy can be real.
You cannot discuss something in your dream or a dream in common.

Utopia does not exists, because all your God, their Gods and my God are the same.
In fact, no subjects can break the natural rules, such as birth, aging and death.

Imaginations of an after-life and utopia (I'm not talking about their origin or starting point) are nonsenses.
Thus, it created an unhealthy phenonmenon in phillosophy that all of us are talking about our dreams of the origin, after-life and souls etc.

As I mentioned before, souls can exist if love is in your heart because I am defending the religions for the God.
However, I am giving up the "souls" now because you guys have too much imaginations.

You know the one who has a valid scientific proof of the God can change the history of humankind.
Thus, we learn more about the world around us.

My evaluations on the system on the universe and planets are going to be a part of our history.

When you discover something others do not,
If it is not something they want,
If it is the only solution to save us,

I am the one to tell you the truth.

If we come from the same origin,
If we are a unity, a family on a planet,
If we are floating in the universe without the shores,

Hope must be on this planet.

If the God is not someone you expected, accept it by rationality.
If the God is an ideal, philosophers are only discussing about their dreams.
If it is the case, it is not philosophy.

Philosophy must be real. I will make all of you real.

This is completely different. My hypothesis illustrated the operating system of the universe. This is a breakthrough, especially for the part that all planets are conscious living objects. The application of biological principles into our planetary system has enchanted our knowledge of the cosmology.

Languages are used for communications, not for manipulations.

If philosophers are talking about their imaginations, I prefer a dream.
If philosophy cannot be realistic, it is dead.
If philosophers are talking about an ideal God instead of the real one,

They are only cartoons.

Dominant because of the truth.

I want the public to realize the truth before it is too late.

When the resources of the Earth run out, all of us are going to stare up the sky and ask why we have been so foolish. Scholars and experts will be guilty of denying the truth.

The God is reality if you do not define the god by yourself.
The God exists in reality, not in your minds.
The God is our mother-in-common.

Lives have no secrets.

Dreams of the God are imaginations from both the God and humankind.
Glorified image given by both the God and our ancestor.
In an era of rationality, we have to accept the physical existence of the God.

Light is the initial.
Birth is her power.
Lives are proofs.

The God may not be the one you used to know.

Reality is hard. Accept it by rationality.
Reality is not so hard because she is our mother-in-common.
Reality is the wrong direction of philosophy and science.

The physical existence of the God is the only way to define the nature of the God.

Evolution is achieve by both the God (A Conscious Earth) and the animals (offspring of the God). Plants are living tissues of the Earth while some of the microorganisms (similar to our body cells) have evolved into animals.

The God is the mother-in-common in her nature. It is obviously not a new religion.
Manipulations of her power turned the Earth into a world of her ideals.

We, as the children of the God (A Conscious Earth) have the rights to speak out.

A young philosopher rises up with the resistance from the rests.
A child of philosophy.
A man to make all of you real.